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How To Leverage Jobs-To-Be-Done

Increase your conversion rate and remove the guesswork from marketing using the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework to pull valuable insights.

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👉 Marketing message not resonating with your buyers?

👉 Not sure how to hook your target buyer or what motivates them?

👉 Landing pages or ads not converting or not sure what marketing channel to focus on for the best ROI?

👉 Not sure how you should be positioning your product against competitors?

If you want to remove the guesswork and get answers to these questions so you can hook buyers and increase your conversion rate, this workshop is for you!

What You'll Learn In This 2 Hour Virtual Workshop:

  • How to use jobs-to-be-done to remove the guesswork
  • How to perform jobs-to-be-done interviews with your target buyer
  • How to summarize and pull insights from these interviews
  • How to optimize your marketing campaigns using these insights
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Meet Your Host

I'm Kristie Holden, Marketing Consultant and Advisor to B2B, SaaS, and Web3 scale-ups.

For 15+ years I've worked in B2B marketing across numerous industries such as technology, fashion, financial services, and more. I've helped companies scale by using Jobs-To-Be-Done to optimize their marketing efforts so they're working smarter, not harder.

If you want to remove the guesswork and get your marketing campaigns converting at an optimal level, you're in the right place!

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"Since working with Kristie, it’s been crazy the amount of business that’s come in. We have more business coming in than we can handle. The biggest advantage we got was understanding why clients choose us so we know what to focus on for getting new clients in the door. Instead of guessing what matters to our clients and how we should market ourselves, now we know."
– Robin Bailey
Managing Partner, Aria Benefits

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"The benefits have been phenomenal already. I know it’s going to have a big impact for us. I realized it wasn’t the tactics or the ‘how’, it was the ‘what’ that we were missing. I learned how to position what we are. Working with Kristie has been worth every penny and I can say that confidently."
- Adam R.T. Smith
President, Tension Consulting

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"Our website messaging shifted from talking about features to actual benefits. This not only helped us increase our leads because our messaging resonated, it also made the sales process easier and more successful because our leads were a better fit and had a higher confidence that our solution could meet their needs."
- Mike Clark
COO, Daylite CRM

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