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Take the guesswork out of marketing your B2B SaaS or Web3 startup so you can grow with focus, clarity, and get results!

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Take The Guesswork Out of Marketing

Know Your Target Customer

Gain a deep understanding of who your target buyer is, what they care about, and what motivates them to buy.

Craft Compelling Messaging

Communicate the value of your product in a way that resonates with your target buyer for higher conversion.

Grow with Confidence

Develop a marketing strategy and plan that generates recurring revenue and predictable growth.

Increase Engagement

Increase your conversion rate on your marketing campaigns by using proven strategies and framework to drive results.

Optimize Conversions

Uncover the friction points in your customer journey that cause drop-offs. Plug the gaps so you convert and retain customers leading to higher recurring revenue.

Focus Your Roadmap

Gain clarity on what you need to move the needle so you can focus and prioritize your product roadmap.

Hey, I'm Kristie!

I'm a Fractional CMO, Marketing Consultant, and Advisor to B2B SaaS, and Web3 startups.

For 15+ years I've worked in B2B marketing across numerous industries such as technology, fashion, financial services, and more. I've helped startups scale to multi-million dollar businesses by using jobs-to-be-done to optimize their marketing efforts so they're working smarter, not harder.

What My Clients Say

Robin headshot

"Since working with Kristie, it’s been crazy the amount of business that’s come in. We have more business coming in than we can handle. The biggest advantage we got was understanding why clients choose us so we know what to focus on for getting new clients in the door instead of guessing with our marketing.”

- Robin Bailey
Managing Partner of Aria Benefits

Erin headshot

“Kristie has helped us make decisions about our marketing strategy and plans for the next 6 months which is very different from what we originally thought it should be. This has saved us a lot of time, money, and helped us avoid burning relationships with potential customers.”

- Erin Taylor
CEO of PurpleMeta

Adam headshot

“The benefits have been phenomenal already. I know it’s going to have a big impact for us. I tried doing our marketing by myself. But the more I dug, the more I realized I was in over my head. It wasn’t the tactics or the ‘how’, it was the ‘what’ that we were missing. I learned how to position what we are. Working with Kristie has been worth every penny and I can say that confidently.”

- Adam R.T. Smith
President of Tension

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